Patricia M. Hebert QC of of Bruyer & Mackay LLP

Patricia M. Hebert QC

Barrister & Solicitor / Registered Mediator

The goal of Patricia’s practice is to help families succeed through transition. Getting the right help is so important for people to separate well, for the sake of their children and themselves.

Patricia has practiced law since 1995 and has always focused on families. She has represented children and parents in unique, complex and high-conflict custody cases. After spending many years in court, including extensive child protection, child custody and international child abduction cases, she has seen over and over again what can go wrong when parties separate and focus on their conflict instead of their kids.

As a mediator, she currently brings those skills to assisting families in problem-solving with experienced neutral guidance.  She also offers child-inclusive mediation options. As a collaborative lawyer, she helps parties work effectively together to resolve all their issues in a healthy open process, which leads to more satisfactory outcomes for parents and children.

In litigation, Patricia assists through the principled representation of children, so that they have an age-appropriate way to participate in what is happening in their family and to assist the parents and courts in arriving at good resolutions. Patricia also provides consultations and second opinions at any stage of a separation, to help parents choose a positive path to making good choices for the future of their children.

Patricia is a sessional instructor of law at the University of Alberta, an instructor at the National Judicial Institute and a frequent speaker, panelist and author locally and nationally on children’s participation in family cases.  She is a founding member of the Alberta AFCC chapter, the past chair of the Board of Directors of the Kids Kottage Foundation and past chair of multiple provincial and national committees of the Canadian Bar Association in the areas of family law, legal aid and access to justice.  She was a recipient in 2014 of Women in Law Leadership awards for her work in the community, and was recognized with the Queen’s Counsel distinction in 2016.

She can help your family succeed through separation using a child-centred approach to finding creative solutions that will work for your family and get the best possible parenting plan in place for you, while minimizing time, expense, and frustration along the way.